Auto Help

The world just gets busier and busier. In metropolitan areas, it is hard to find time to get a car serviced. The owner knows regular maintenance is needed, but just doesn’t have the time. That’s where a good concierge-style auto center comes into play.

Removing Obstacles
More and more luxury car dealers are offering concierge services to compete with each other, but that doesn’t mean a regular car owner can’t find those services out in the real world. Some regular car repair shops list extras such as pick-ups, drop-offs, and off-site services.

Pick Up Services
Since the car owner is busy, an auto repair shop can pick up your car. For instance, Addison Auto Center has a standard three-mile radius where they will pick up a car for free. In addition, they charge a very reasonable fee outside that perimeter. If the owner can find help like this, he or she can be working in the office all day while the car is getting the attention it needs. Not only is this saving time, but it is also saving money in the long run. How? The car is getting maintenance and repairs in a timely manner. A good auto mechanic will spot anything that’s wrong and warn the driver before it gets worse. An oil leak, for example, will be diagnosed and fixed before it can become a major repair.

Corporate Use
Corporate fleet managers will find much to like in a concierge service. The auto center can help keep track of the fleet’s maintenance and provide management for its regular upkeep. A concierge service can pick up the vehicles and bring them back. This may reduce vehicle downtime, which, in turn, improves employee productivity. With a full-service auto center, a concierge can keep the fleet up to date on state inspections.

On Your Doorstep
A good concierge auto center may go beyond the pick-up and drop-off of vehicles. It may also have a menu of off-site services. The most common reason that people call their concierge auto service is to get help with a dead battery. The owner may avoid a tow with help like this.

Car owners should check out which auto centers offer more for their money through concierge services. It will reduce the hassle and still ensure that repairs are done in a timely manner.