6 Signs Your Suspension Needs Repair

Your car’s suspension system is responsible for keeping the vehicle in control and smoothing out your ride. With every bump or pothole in the road, the suspension system takes the impact and absorbs it, so you hardly feel a thing.

If your suspension system goes bad, you will have a hard time controlling your car. Here are six signs that your suspension system might be failing, so it’s time to take your vehicle in for local auto repair West Palm Beach FL.

1. A Rough Ride

When you start to feel every bump and curve in the road, it could be a sign that your suspension needs repair. The struts and shocks are part of the system that should absorb the bumps in the road. If they don’t, it’s probably time to replace them.

2. Drifting or Pulling

Do you feel like your car wants to drift over the left or right? Trying to keep the steering wheel on a steady course can be challenging. The suspension system is supposed to keep the vehicle body stable at all times. If it’s pulling or drifting, then it needs repair.

3. Lurching Forward

If your car lurches forward and downward when you apply the brakes, it’s a sign that your shocks are worn out. This could affect your ability to stop, so you should have the car looked at as soon as possible.

4. Uneven Tires

Are your tires unevenly worn down? This could be caused by the suspension system breaking down to a point where it can no longer hold the vehicle even. A suspension system that is working correctly will put even amounts of pressure on all tires.

5. Oily Shocks

When inspecting the shocks and struts under your car, if they are oily, it could mean they are damaged and leaking.

6. The Bounce Test

There’s a simple test you can do to see if your suspension is going bad. While the car is in park, press down on the front with all your weight and “bounce” it. Do the same on the rear end of the car. If it continues to bounce after you release it, the suspension needs to be repaired.