6 Practical Reasons to Get a Ladder Rack for Your Truck or Van (How to Pick One)

If you have a truck and you need to haul a ladder, then getting a ladder rack is a no brainer. Ladders take up a lot of interior space and it may prevent you from fitting other equipment and force you to make multiple trips.  Therefore, if you own a roofing company or any business that involves carrying ladders and other long equipment to different locations, then getting a sturdy ladder rack for your truck or van is an absolute must.

6 Reasons You Need to Get a Ladder Rack for a Truck

Buying ladder rack for a truck may seem pretty straight decision, but picking a specific model for the type of truck or van you have needs careful consideration. Before giving you our top tips on how to select the best ladder rack, here are the 6 reasons you need it in the first place.

Significantly Improve Your Truck’s Carrying Capacity

If you carry a ladder in your truck without a rack, then you already know how much interior space it takes. If you own a construction company you already need to haul a lot of heavy and space-consuming equipment. For example, most portable air compressor units take up a lot of space. Other tools such as wheelbarrow and construction materials can make it impossible to get everything to the site in a single trip. Ladder racks instantly doubles the carrying capacity of your truck and you finally get to free up some space in your van or truck.

It’s the Most Practical Way to Carry a Full-Sized Ladder

Storing and retrieving ladders is a hassle if you don’t have a ladder rack. You may need to move other equipment out of the way to make space every time you retrieve or store your ladder. Ladders also have a tendency of getting hooked on things you wouldn’t expect. This is a daily chore that will cost you both time and effort. Most good ladder racks have easy retrieval and storage mechanisms. It usually involves pulling a lever or hooking the ladder onto specially designed latches.

You Might Be Breaking the Law If You Don’t Have a Rack

A lot of truck beds are not deep enough to fit a full-sized ladder. This means a part of the ladder always sticks out. Depending on the State, you might be breaking the law. For example, if your truck takes up more space in a parking lot than its allotted due to the protruding ladder, you might just get a ticket.

They Are Not Just Good for Ladders

Ladder racks are specifically designed to carry full-sized ladders, but they can also be used to carry other things. You can use these racks to carry long and heavy items on your truck’s roof when you need it.

Ladder Racks Enable You to Carry a 1000 Pound Above Your Truck

Most high-grade van and shell ladder racks and over-bed truck ladder racks have a 1,000 lbs load carrying capacity. Over-cab truck ladders can carry as much as 1,200 lbs and they can be fitted to compact pickup trucks.

Protects Your Car’s Interiors

Ladders can be a hazard to your car’s interiors if they are not fastened properly. They can break windows and rattle around during transit. A ladder rack secures the ladder in place even in rough driving conditions.

4 Tips to Choose a Ladder Rack for a Truck

Select Model Based on the Type of Your Ladder

When selecting a ladder rack, be sure to mention the size and type of your ladder. Some racks may be incompatible for hauling certain ladders. Ladder rack may also be recommended based on the type of truck or van you own.

Select Material

There are two options as far as material goes, steel or aluminium. Aluminium is better in every way possible. It’s lighter, stronger and rust proof. Steel racks are a lot heavier than aluminum racks, but they are usually cheaper.

Check Safety Ratings

The last thing you want is a rack that fails on the road. It can cause serious injuries and endanger human lives. Make sure to check the safety ratings and never exceed the load capacity of the rack. It’s also important to pick a ladder rack that has a simple yet strong locking mechanism.


While the primary purpose of a ladder rack is to carry a ladder, you want it to be as versatile as possible. Pick a model that allows you to carry other materials such as lumber, canoe, and other long cargo. A versatile fastening mechanism can allow you to store multiple cargo types at the same time.