5 Types of Worms That Can Infect Your Dog

While most dog owners are aware of the need for vaccines, the need for dog interceptor is not common knowledge. Here is a list of worms that can infect your dog and have devastating effects on them if heartworm prevention with Dog Interceptor is not given importance.


Know Your WormTrichuris vulpis is the species of Whipworm that infects dogs. The worm gets its name from the unique shape of its body. Generally, the worm attaches itself to the walls of the colon during its adult stage. The adult worm lays eggs that get passed out with the stool of the infected animal. The eggs hatch in the stool and the larva gets ready to enter the body of a new host. On entering the new host body, the larva finds its way to the colon of the animal where it continues the life cycle.

Symptoms- You can notice weight loss, change in appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and lethargy in infected dogs. Infected dogs tend to scratch their anus as well. Whipworms can be extremely uncomfortable for the infected dog.

Contagion Chances– Humans may rarely get infected with dog whipworms. But they can affect your other dogs.


Know Your WormDipylidium caninum and Echinococcus granulosus are the two species of tapeworms that can infect your dog. Tapeworms can grow exponentially inside the host’s body. The bigger the tapeworm, the weaker the host gets. Just like the Whipworm, the Tapeworm has a life cycle and dispersal method that relies on animal excreta.

Symptoms- Symptoms for Tapeworm is very close to the Whipworm symptoms. You might find the tapeworm eggs around the anus of infected dogs. Scratching the anus is a classical sign of Tapeworm infestation.

Contagion Chances– You can get infected with Dipylidium caninum if you do not take precautions. Any other dog that comes in contact with feces from the infected dog can get infected.


Know Your WormToxocara canis is the roundworm species that infest dogs. They can be white or light brown in colour, and they look like thin strands of thread. The lifecycle of this worm is same as that of the whipworm and tapeworm.

Symptoms- Apart from the common worm infestation symptoms there are two other symptoms. The infected dog can have a bloated belly. You might be able to see the thread like worms in the vomit or poop of the infected dog.

Contagion Chances- There is a rare chance of getting infected with canine roundworm. Dogs can get infected by coming in contact with the excreta of infected dogs. Infected mothers can end up infecting their puppies in utero or through the milk.


Know Your WormAncylostoma caninum and Ancylostoma braziliense are the hookworms that infect dogs. Hookworms are small and voracious worms that can impact the dog’s health severely and can even cause death. The worm has a hook-like mouth used to bite into the walls of the host’s intestine.

Symptoms- Along with the typical symptoms, your dog can have pale gums, bloody diarrhea, stunted growth, itchy paws, coughing, and anemia.

Contagion chances- Humans can rarely catch hookworms. Just like roundworms, hookworms can get spread from one dog to another.


Know Your Worm– Dirofilaria immitis is the species of heartworm that infects dogs. The heartworm targets the heart, lungs and blood vessels of the infected dog. Heartworm prevention with dog inceptor can save an infected dog from death.

Symptoms- Your dog can exhibit wheezing and coughing along with lethargy.

Contagion Chances- Since the worm spreads through mosquito bites, the chances of an infected dog infecting your other dogs is very low.

What Can Heartworm Prevention Dog Interceptor Do?

Heartworm prevention with dog interceptor can be used on dogs of all ages. The interceptor that prevents heartworm can also prevent other worms from infecting the dog. Heartworm prevention with dog interceptor should be done after taking the advice of your vet. Interceptors can end up saving your dog’s life.

Test your dog’s stool and blood at regular intervals and give them doses of dog interceptors to prevent worm infestations.