5 interesting facts about Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz needs no introduction as the name has become synonymous with stylish, luxury cars that demonstrate class and elegance like no other automobile brand has yet been able to achieve. It is an amazing display of style coupled with technological excellence that spells luxury at every step. The vehicles of this brand are famed for its reliability and supreme comfort that can have a mesmerising effect on its owners. The rich and the elite population of the world do not hesitate to swear by its name and ensure that Mercedes cars are the mainstay of their car fleet. Such is the brand loyalty that Mercedes enjoys.

It is therefore no surprise that the brand of car that first made its appearance in 1887at the Paris Motor Show has withstood the test of times and have positioned itself as one of the most trusted and lovable car brands for more than a century. During its long course of journey, the brand that has now become a part of history has been associated with several notable personalities and there are many interesting facts that add to its charisma.

Origin of the brand name

Way back in 1902 the Mercedes brand was registered by Daimler Motoren Gesselschaft in Germany.  There is a strange history about the name’s origin. An Austro-Hungarian ambassador invested in the company and wanted to incorporate his daughter’s name in the brand. But the name was so lengthy and complicated, Adriana Manuela Ramona Jellinek, that he simply put it as Mercedes. Later, the name was changed to Mercedes-Benz as a result of merger with Karl Benz, who was the founder father of Mercedes.

The relevance of the logo

The logo comprising of a three beam star has an interesting interpretation. At the beginning, Mercedes produced engines for ships and aviation engines before moving on to automobiles. The three prongs of the star commemorate the company’s success in air, water and land. After its enormous success in automobiles, many people interpret the prongs of the star to represent convenience for passengers, drivers and mechanics.

Taking care of your health

The seats of Mercedes cars are designed in consultation with orthopedic specialists so that comfort and health parameters are well addressed.  The seats are ergonomically designed to provide the right support to the knee-joints, back and kidney so that possibilities of being afflicted by back aches and other complications that arise during driving can be eliminated.

Steve Jobs’ exclusive choice

Do you know the name of the car that Steve Jobs used? It is only Mercedes-Benz SL-55 MG. And not stopping at it, he had the privilege of changing the car every six months that the dealership had agreed to provide him so that he could enjoy riding the car without license plate as desired by him. In California, you are allowed to drive a car without license plate for six months only.

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