5 Car Inspections You Shouldn’t Delay

Routine car maintenance is essential to ensure that your vehicle lasts a long time. Auto shops that handle car maintenance Bellevue WA recommend periodic inspections of these five parts and systems to keep your car running smoothly.

1. Brakes     

Your car’s braking system is critical for safe driving. Signs that its brakes need maintenance include a brake pedal that depresses too low, a squeaking sound while pressing the brake pedal, a vibration that occurs during braking, and a flashing anti-lock brake system warning light. In addition, an auto shop can detect possible problems such as insufficient brake fluid, worn or damaged brake pads and rotors, or anti-lock brake system defects. 

2. Fluid Levels

Cars require oil to counter the effects of friction on moving parts and prevent the engine from collecting debris and overheating. Coolant protects the engine and transmission from temperature extremes while other fluids support the steering system, brakes and wipers to ensure safety.  

3. Suspension and Steering Examination

Proper suspension ensures that your car’s tires sustain the appropriate degree of contact with the road without wearing prematurely. It also provides a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Proper suspension is also essential for safety. It allows the steering and braking system to maintain an appropriate alignment, ensures better control of the vehicle and reduces the risk of damage due to parts displacement.

4. Tires

Tire checks ensure that all tires hold the same air volume to balance a car on the road. In addition, adequate air contributes to overall brake function because the tires can maintain good contact with the road.

5. Air Filters

Changing air filters can prevent engine erosion and the clogging of the exhaust system. In addition, air filters trap dirt, dust, road salt and debris that reduce fuel efficiency when they reduce airflow, causing an engine to overwork to power a car.

Car manufacturers recommend periodic car inspections to prevent and repair problems that can affect your car’s performance.