4 Tips for Driving Safely in Severe Weather

Snow, ice, and rain can all affect how you drive and how long it takes to get to your destination. If you struggle to maintain your calm during bad weather, you may want to practice some tips to help you stay safe and avoid any injuries.

1. Know When to Turn Back

Many drivers may assume that their cars can handle any level of water as long as it doesn’t reach the driver’s seat. However, you should always know when to turn around if a road or other area is too flooded to safely travel through. Even just a few feet of moving water can cause you to become stuck and float away without any warning.

2. Plan Ahead

Even if you feel confident about your driving skills, you should take time to look up the route you are going to be following before you set out. You should check your tire pressure and how well your windscreen wipers work, as well as your children’s car seats. Being proactive in how you take care of your car is an important part of auto parts maintenance Gallup NM.

3. Go Slow

Although you may feel pressured to speed to get to your destination quicker, your tires typically have less traction on the road when it is wet from rain or full of half-melted snow. If you notice yourself steadily gaining speed, make sure to slow back down and approach turns with caution. Another car coming up from behind or a truck or vehicle to your side can slide and ram into you in some severe cases.

4. Pack Emergency Supplies

If you get stuck and need to break ice off your windscreen or get out of a ditch, then you will likely need some extra safety supplies. Packing items like blankets and jumper cables in your trunk can help in some dangerous situations.