4 Common Causes of Windshield Damage

When you hear a pop on your windshield, you may automatically check for cracks. Although it’s rarely wanted, windshield repair Denton can be needed for a variety of reasons. Here are four of the most common causes of cracked and shattered windshields.

1. Rocks and Debris

Whether you are speeding down the freeway or parked a little too close to a lawnmower, debris can be your enemy. Gravel, rocks and other types of debris can be projected into the air at astonishing speeds. If they hit your windshield exactly right, they can leave a giant crack in the smooth class. These cracks can grow over time, causing you to spend money on a repair.

2. Poor Quality

Sometimes, windshields aren’t made very well. Improper installment and loose placement can cause the windshield to shift and vibrate, making it more likely to crack. If you notice any signs of it being poorly built, contact the professionals before anything gets worse.

3. Change of the Seasons

Temperature is a big culprit of windshield damage. Especially in the winter, the constant fluctuation of hot and cold temperatures can cause the glass to break. Be careful of extreme temperatures and try to park indoors when you can to regulate the heat change.

4. Accidents

The collision of another car often results in a broken windshield. While major accidents result in destroyed glass, minor accidents often result in cracks or chips. After an accident observe what needs to be repaired. Check to see if the windshield can be replaced properly or additional repairs need to be done before it can be installed.

Although you can’t avoid all windshield accidents, try your best to avoid cracks by driving safely and inspecting your car. Be careful when driving behind heavily loaded cars. If there is a risk that something could slip and hit you while driving, switch lanes immediately. With these tips in mind, you can know what causes windshield damage.