3 Ways To Make Coffee At Home

Coffee is an essential part of the day for many people so it’s important to know the different options available for brewing at home. There are three primary methods, all taking different amounts of time and rendering different results, allowing you to choose which works best for you.

French Press

Making coffee with a French press is the most time consuming method but it also has many benefits. The biggest advantage of a French press is that it allows the user to adjust each variable according to their own individual taste. You can decide how long to brew the coffee grounds, the ratio of grounds to water, you can even grind your own beans the way you like. Each adjustment will give a different outcome, so you can have your coffee precisely the way you like.


A percolator, or a drip coffee maker, is what most people use. Many percolators today have the option of individual pods that are convenient and easy to use and clean up. With percolators the variables are mostly set so you don’t get as much individuality on taste, but it’s quicker and requires less preparation than a French press, which is its main advantage.


Instant coffee is probably the least popular on this list as far as taste and quality go. However, instant coffee can be taken with you anywhere you go and, as long as you have hot water, you can have a cup of coffee. You don’t need a coffee pot or any special equipment at all and instant coffee usually comes in individual packets that are made for travel. Also, there’s no waiting around for instant coffee, it’s ready in an instant, as the name implies!

Whatever way you like your coffee, you will no doubt find the method that works best for you, both for brewing and for taste. With so many options, there’s something for everyone!