3 Valuable Tips for People Obsessed with Hot Rods

For the automotive fanatics, building a hot rod is most likely on the bucket list. For those who are unfamiliar, a hot rod is the modification of any car with added horsepower, a larger engine, and increased torque. When hot rods first appeared, they were known as the souped-up all American muscle cars. Now the term references restored vintage cars with a powerful engine and stunning visuals. Before you start purchasing hot rod lighting and specialty paints, here are three tips for purchasing your classic dream car. 

Take it for a Ride

The search for a car will likely start online. Unfortunately, the photos can entice many consumers into a premature purchase, ending up in disappointment. It is highly recommended to test drive the vehicle. When investing money and time into building a quality hot rod, experiencing how it runs from behind the wheel is the optimum way to judge its condition. Furthermore, try to bring someone who is privy to automotive knowledge. It’s beneficial to have a second opinion, especially one that knows what to look for. 

Shop Around the Desert 

Location is imperative. To avoid the cost of repairing an exorbitant amount of component and body rot within the car, your best bet is to look for cars located in a desert or plain area. Regardless of where you buy, always perform a full inspection of the vehicle. When searching for body rot, focus on the vehicle’s underside.

Consider Domestic vs Imported Cars

Though each circumstance is different, there is a general distinction between buying an American car as opposed to a European car. American cars don’t usually have as high a long term value as European cars. However, European replacement parts are difficult to find and more expensive than that of American cars. Basically, American cars are an easy, affordable option to build your fantasy hot rod.

Most importantly, perform thorough research, and ask questions. Create realistic expectations with the timeline and costs of your project. All of your hard work will surely pay off when you’re cruising in your gem of a hot rod!