3 Simple Ways To Take Care of Your Vehicle

Your car is one of the most valuable things you can own. Your vehicle helps you get to and from work and school, allows you to travel at your leisure and makes weekly errands easier by providing reliable transportation. To extend the life of your car and to keep it operating at peak performance levels, you should create a comprehensive maintenance schedule. Use these ideas as a guide to get you started.

Wash Your Car

There are many environmental elements that can cause lasting damage to your car. Things like sun, tree sap, dead bugs and dirt can slowly eat away at the paint on a car and can even damage the metal underneath. Wash your car at least once a month to remove excess debris and keep its surface clean. Keep the inside of your car clear of trash and dirt as well to prevent the interior from becoming stained and to eliminate unwanted odors.

Perform Routine Maintenance Checks

Your car will need regular maintenance to keep its engine and its components running properly. Consult your car’s owner’s manual for information on when to perform oil changes, how to rotate tires, and to find information on how to change headlights and taillights. You can perform these maintenance tasks yourself or take your car to a car repair shop Lake Stevens WA for professional work.

Monitor Your Tire Pressure

When the tires on your car are properly inflated, it can increase fuel efficiency and improve the handling and safety of your vehicle. Tire pressure requirements may vary depending on the climate in which you live and the amount of driving you do weekly. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended tire pressure, keeping in mind that there may be different requirements for front and back tires. Check your tire pressure weekly and fill each as needed.

A little care and maintenance go a long way when it comes to your vehicle. Use this guide to increase your car’s longevity and efficiency.