3 Reasons to Stock Heavy-Duty Motor Oil for Your Fleet

Many businesses have a fleet of trucks for their shipments and deliveries. When you’ve got your mind full of your company’s day-to-day operations, you might not be paying close attention to how your truck drivers and managers are performing maintenance on their vehicles. However, it’ll save your company big on repair costs in the long-term if your drivers and maintenance team takes preventative measures to extend the life of each truck. Stocking up on heavy-duty motor oil is one such preventative measure.

It’s More Durable

Peak Heavy Duty Oil is perfect for semis and other trucks that are frequently on the road for hours each day. It’s got the capacity to handle a truck’s engine, which has little in common with the engine in the small vehicle on the road. If your trucks idle their engines for long periods in stop-and-go traffic or traffic jams or when picking up or delivering, you need heavy-duty oil that can handle the excess strain. The weight of the amount the truck is carrying can also cause more strain on the engine, so you need oil that’s up to the task.

It Offers Better Fuel Economy

When a truck’s oil is better suited to its larger engine and frequent heavy-duty use, the whole vehicles gets better fuel economy. More miles between fill-ups means less money your company spends on transportation logistics. Since heavy-duty oil is only a small amount more than the average motor oil, it’s a worthwhile investment simply because you’ll save so much more on fuel costs.

It Prevents Corrosion and Rust

The vehicles that see the most use are often among the most likely to have parts corrode or rust over time. The right oil will decrease the likelihood of the development of rust, which means your truck’s parts will last longer. A corroded part can cause a truck to break down in the middle of a delivery, which is not only potentially dangerous for your drivers, but it will also delay your delivery schedule. Replacing these parts is costly, as is a delay in deliveries.

Quality motor oil is just the first step to making your fleet of trucks go longer between repairs, but it’s one of the most important. Everything from the vehicle’s engine to the emissions system runs better when you select the best oil. Purchasing quality oil in bulk saves you on maintenance costs; oil changes are a form of maintenance your drivers can do themselves, even without a large number of auto mechanics on staff.